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The last time I was in Boston, it was 2007. I was in 10th grade, and our History class was excited to explore the grand US of A. We were going to see the Mayflower II and the Plymouth Plantation. The USS Constitution Warship. Bunker Hill, Faneuil Hall, and even the Freedom Trail. And we had a blast.

By this time, I was driving up to the little town of Amherst, MA: my friend A. attended UMass for some stream of engineering, and our friend Trevor, from Kentucky, was going to meet up with us. We’re part of a group on Discord, a voice communications program, and we played League of Legends together. We’d never met in person, and we were going to spend a few days before Christmas together.


USS Constitution Warship in Boston, MA.

We’d decided on a few things:

  1. We were going to do a day trip to Boston.
  2. We were going to see our friend D. just outside of NYC.

Boston was beautiful.

Maybe it’s just the fact that it was barely cold enough to justify wearing a jacket, or perhaps it was just the way the light shone through the trees along the Freedom Trail. Something about it brought back my memories of that grade 10 History trip, but the idea of creating new memories in a place that I had so many positive feelings about just felt right.

We ended up wandering in downtown Boston for a few hours, getting lost amongst the stores and people, until we settled down to devour some hot pot in Chinatown. T. and I had never had hot pot before, so A. had to teach us. Somehow, A. convinced us to try cow tongue: I don’t think either T. or I would recommend it. It was so weird.


Freedom Trail. Boston, MA.

After that, we found a bubble tea shop (T. had never had bubble tea before!) and a place that made cream puffs to-order. I don’t think I’ve ever consumed so many delicious things at one time in my life. Food comas ensued, and we made the trek back to my little Jetta, Vroom Vroom.

As T.’s and A’s soft snoring filled my little Jetta, I watched the sunset on the highway. If there’s one thing I love about driving in the US, it’s definitely the spectacular views it offers. From 1960s train tracks to mountain peaks to rivers that reflect the warm sun’s glow, its beauty embraces you and makes the drive worthwhile.

Next Stop: Hoboken, NJ

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