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New York

New York. It’s the city filled with laughter and love, artists pursuing their dreams, and some of the most beautiful skyline views in North America. Whether it’s Times Square, the MOMA, or even Central Park, there is so much to explore within NYC.

T., A., and I were going to Hoboken, NJ, which overlooks Manhattan Island, to visit D. None of the boys had been to NYC, so we took our time getting to the Big Apple. Granted, I think traffic would have forced us to go slow anyway.

I’m not sure if you’ve ever gone through New York, but it is a traffic nightmare. Even living in the city doesn’t prepare you for crossing six lanes of traffic within a mile to grab your exit. And, as much as I love A., he lives in a village and wasn’t prepared to navigate me through this mess.

We took the smaller highways, the ones that skim the edges of Manhattan Island, and my passengers got to experience the prettier, less congested side of NYC. Eventually we found our way to the Lincoln Tunnel and crossed over into New Jersey.


Some of the sights in New York, NY.

Never have I seen so many one way streets in my entire life.

They didn’t necessarily alternate, either, and some of them weren’t labelled as one-ways and you didn’t find out until you were faced with someone’s headlights and a slew of profanities.

In true Canadian fashion, I could only reply with: “Sorry. It appears that we made a mistake.”

After stealing a parking space, we met up with D., gave the obligatory hugs, and walked towards downtown Hoboken to get some amazing local pizza. The owner had a belly as big as his soul, and he was one of the kindest individuals I’ve ever met. I think I caught him off-guard, and even D. said that no one is that nice around here.

I laughed it off: I mean, what’s a gal to do?

After some spectacular pizza, we headed off to the piers so that T. and A. could see the New York skyline view. We took a ton of photos and just relaxed by the river and talked. It was a well-deserved, peaceful experience. And the walk there was so calm.


The view from the piers in Hoboken, NJ.

Later on we headed to D.’s and spent the evening petting his cats, playing music, and just generally hanging out. His mom is a sweetheart and I’m so glad that she welcomed us into their home. We ended up helping them do some laundry and ran down to the grocery store to grab some snacks for their home. On the way back, we had a piggyback race. D. and I won that really, really hard. Watching T. carry A. was probably one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

Unfortunately, we had to head back that same evening: we didn’t want to overstay our welcome. It was time to head back to Amherst. T. and I had to pack up our things and head home – he had a long drive back to KY ahead of him. Me, well, I had a significantly shorter drive but mountainous ride ahead of myself.

Next Stop: Ottawa, ON

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